Our Program

Based in Redondo Beach, California, Hatchery LA is a church planting center that incubates innovative, sustainable models of church (Common Cause Communities) – with a goal of launching nine new churches each year and ultimately building the Silicon Valley of Church Innovation.

The traditional church, as we’ve known it, is fading from the landscape of our culture. That’s why we’re looking for Innovators who are passionate about planting a new kind of service-centric church…what we call a “Common Cause Community”…

  • A “Common” journey in the way of Jesus.
  • A “Cause” to rally around on a regular basis.
  • A “Community” of people where relationships are nurtured.

These churches – or Common Cause Communities – will look more like a coffee shop, urban garden, or after school tutoring center, than a teaching-centric, weekend gathering.

During our three-year program, you’ll…

  • Live in the Redondo Beach area with the other Innovators.
  • Learn from practitioners and leaders from around the globe.
  • Launch your own innovative, sustainable Common Cause Community focused on the cause of your choice.

Not only will you be coached and mentored throughout the process, but you’ll earn a Master’s degree through United Theological Seminary.uts-logo

We invite you to join us for an adventure that combines the best of seminary, an MBA program, and church planting. Come live, learn, and launch a Common Cause Community in southern California.