Academic Calendar

Hatcheryweb-5_smDuring the three-year program, Innovators will be participating in classes, experiences, mentoring, and coaching throughout the entire year. We break our year into three terms for the sake of accredited seminary courses, but Innovators will be participating in community life and the development of their Common Cause Community year round. During the Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and July 4th breaks, Innovators are welcome to travel.

2016-2017 CALENDAR

September 15th – Fall term begins.
November 24th – 25th – Thanksgiving break.
December 16th – Fall term ends.
December 23rd – January 2nd – Christmas break.

January 30th
– Spring term begins.
March 10th-14th – Easter break.
May 5th – Spring term ends.

May 30th
– Summer term begins.
July 3rd-7th – July 4th break.
Aug 18th
 – Summer term ends.