7 Ways Vocational Leaders Can End The Year Strong

I love this time of year. As 2016 exits and the new year approaches, we have a unique chance to use the next 31 days to reflect and start fresh both personally and in our vocational leadership roles. We can use this time to make the needed changes that will not only help us end…

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What the Church Can Learn From GoPro

The church is in desperate need of a change in format. The current teaching-centric model is failing to meet the needs of our communities, Let’s take a look at what the church can learn from GoPro. GoPro was started in 2002 by Nick Woodman. They were originally a 35mm action camera that you would strap to…

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Why Classical Church Planting is Failing

The increasing failure of traditional church models to engage the millennial generation, coupled with the reality that our churches’ memberships are literally dying out, is the new reality of the Christian religious environment in America.

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