GOD Interview #3: Schubert Ogden – “The Problem of God for Christian Systematic Theology”

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BIO: Schubert Ogden has been an influential voice in the field of process theology. During his 34 years of teaching on the faculty of Southern Methodist University, Schubert M. Ogden set a standard of excellence that has become a recognized model at home and abroad for systematic theology and for the life of the Academy. In six books and in innumerable essays, articles, and translations, he has addressed the central questions of contemporary theological reflection with uncompromising intellectual rigor and supple creativity of spirit – in short, with wisdom. He has defined and defended theology’s integrity as an academic discipline that rightfully retains its ancient place among the disciplines that constitute a university. He has deepened and enhanced the emerging theological discussion among religious traditions, especially the dialogue between Christianity and Buddhism; and he has done so without diluting the specific character of these traditions or evading the great central question of religious truth.

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