Tuition & Financial Aid

Hatcheryweb-13smCost of Attendance

  • The yearly tuition for a Hatchery Innovator (student) is $15,000 per year for three years.
    Mentoring from Hatchery staff and guest teachers.
  • Each Innovator is responsible for purchasing books at an estimated $250 per course (five courses per year). Actual book costs may vary.
  • A personal laptop is required.

Cost of Housing

  • Each Innovator is responsible for obtaining his or her housing within two miles of the Hatchery LA campus.
  • Housing costs range from $800-1000 for a room and over $2,000 for a two bedroom.

2016-2017 Tuition Payment Schedule

September 15, 2016
January 30, 2017
May 30, 2017

Financial Aid

  • Our academic partner, United Theological Seminary, will assist you in applying for federally-subsidized student loans.

Course Catalogue

Theology After Google will focus on theological method, communication and constructive possibilities after Google. Just like the Holocaust or the Printing Press reshaped theology — especially public theology — the seminar will challenge students take our flat and connected world seriously as both a space and place for theological reflection.

The Church and Culture will explore the emergence of new cultural forms of religion and spirituality post-Christendom and after the end of the secularization thesis. The class will consist of three sections, theoretical accounts of Western culture, critical theories of culture, and contemporary ecclesiologies.

Digital Space and the Public Theologian will first engage theories of communication, digital anthropology, movement building, and emerging trends in discourse in the public square. Then attention will turn to the unique possibilities for those Christian leaders seeking to develop a public voice today.

Science and Religion will focus on the scientific story of the cosmos, the patterns and principles of emergence, and the accounts of religion, meaning, and humanity within the sciences. Focus will be on the questions raised by both natural history and human history, along with the way these stories impact human self-understanding.

Generic Outline of Student’s 3 year process.

Fall: Historical Theology I & Theology After Google
Spring: Historical Theology II & The Church & Culture
Summer: New Testament
Fall: What is Religion? & Digital Space and the Public Theologian
Spring: Public Theology & Science and Religion
Summer: Hebrew Scriptures
Fall: Christian Ethics
Spring: Capstone/Thesis

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